Brand is our motto; we adhere to stringent quality practices controlling all the parameters at each and every stage of cultivation, processing and packing of organic produce.

We have defined technical specifications for all the raw materials, intermediates as well as finished products. We have Standard Testing Procedures (STP) for analysis of our products, to ensure the replicable results every time. Moreover, we can also produce other derivatives of the products under the private specification/ specific demand of our customer. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and technical systems, which enable us to comply with the strictest specified standards repeatedly.

  • Climate controlled storage (70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% relative humidity) to preserve freshness and chemically active plant constituents.
  • Strict sanitation rules enforced through regular inspections by Quality Assurance.
  • Product handling, processing and packaging systems set up to maximize the quality of the final product.
  • Exposure to moisture and heat minimized at all times. Grinding of spices and herbs is done at controlled temperatures to avoid loss of active compounds.
  • We use a sophisticated computerized inventory system that allows any material, even a minor ingredient in a blend, to be instantly located or traced back to its origin.
  • Herbs and spices are packaged in materials which ensure the optimum quality of a product – vacuum packed in plastic bags, or double-bagged in paper.
  • Our unique vacuum packing system allows us to avoid danger of microbial growth, leakages or breakages.


All kind of packing materials used for packaging are totally eco-friendly. Unnecessary/waste packaging materials are burnt/destroyed. Recycling and reusable systems are developed in accordance with International Organic Standards and such packing materials pass through quality checks before used in production.


We have adopted Standard labeling procedure for labeling of products. The products are labeled “Organic” only when all the standard requirements are met. Our labeling system enables us to sort out various grades of raw materials and concentrations of our products. Different color-system adopted at storage area to avoid any chance of mix up in processed/non-processed materials.


Integrity of Products is maintained during storage and transportation of organic products. Organic products are protected from co-mingling with non-organic products and special care is taken to protect/avoid any contact with the materials and substances not permitted for use in organic farming.